“I came to Martin in a complete state of stress confusion and anxiety about my life. With his help, I ended up much calmer stronger and with real clarity. Thanks to him I have more self-confidence and my anxiety no longer defines me”.

-- J

“For one who is seeking therapy it is my experience that Martin creates a safe and confidential space where one can explore one’s issues. He is a man who is full of compassion and empathy, while being very skilled at reflecting back the insights gained from his keen ability to listen for what is both spoken and unspoken. In a most gentle way, Martin will call one to become one’s true self”.

-- Mary

“Martin has provided for me a structured environment that is welcoming warm and has a compassionate atmosphere. He is fully present and listens at a much deeper level than the words or thoughts shared. With this personal listening experience, I discovered signs of a long lost life and hope re-emerge from within, strengthening my sense of trust in myself and in the road ahead”.

-- Geraldine

“Martin creates and holds a beautiful space, welcoming confidential and non- judgmental, where I can be exactly who I am. His gentle presence allows me to reflect on the challenges of my life and to share my story with honesty and dignity. This helps me be more aware of the mess and beauty of my life”.

-- Stasia